He beat McEnroe and Connors in the same year, partied with Vitas and reached #42 in the world. Famously, in 1983, he beat Stan Smith at Wimbledon wearing a white linen suit, 60 years after it was fashionable.  He helped establish Reebok into an international tennis brand and now runs the preeminent tennis club in Malibu, Malibu Racquet. Our friend, TREY WALTKE offers insight into what you have to do to win as a short guy on the tour, what it’s like to hit Studio 54 with Vitas and what grand plans Larry Ellison has for Malibu Racquet.

UNDER REVIEW WITH CRAIG SHAPIRO is a Tennis Podcast where insiders from the sport share unique perspectives, inside stories and break down what is happening now in Tennis.

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