ANNE WHITE has had an expansive life in tennis. As a pro, she beat Goolagong on grass, Mandlíková on hard and Hanika on clay. And at one time, she was #19 in the world. In doubles, Anne got inside the top 10, partnering with Chris Evert and Betsy Nagleson. But she might be best known for wearing a white lycra bodysuit at Wimbledon. This was in 1985, 30 years before Serena’s controversial catsuit.

White grew up in Charleston, West Virginia and her tennis talents became obvious early on. As a Junior she won The Orange Bowl and was one of the first students at The Bolletteiri Academy. She played 2 years at USC where she blew the competition out of the water. Undefeated, she also got to #30 in the world as an amateur.

Currently, she is the director of the illustrious Beverly Hills Tennis Club. And recently, she produced the Emmy Award nominated documentary LOVE MEANS ZERO.

On this episode, White shares her insight on the tour including what she thinks Madison Keys needs to do to win a major. She tells us how she got the Bolletteiri documentary off the ground. And she reveals the story of how her famous bodysuit made its way to Wimbledon.  

Recorded June 1, 2019. Released June 23, 2019.

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